Lunch Menu

Lunch Menus

Wednesday-Saturday 12pm - 2.30pm
Sunday 12pm - 4pm

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Artisan Breads, Garlic Hummus, Olive Oil & Balsamic, Marinated Olives...£7.00


Soup of the Day with Artisan Bread...£6

Beetroot & Goats Cheese Tartlet with Chicory, Pea shoots, Fennel & Orange, Honey Vinaigrette...£7 (v)

Fried Duck Egg, Toasted Brioche, Smoked Bacon, Mushrooms &
Red Wine Sauce...£8

Crispy Pork Belly, Pickled Apple Puree, Apple & Elderflower Jelly,
Black Pudding...£8
Smoked Salmon with Melba Toast & Lemonaise...£7 


Serrano Ham Wrapped Pork Loin with Leek Three Ways, & Crushed Garlic Potatoes…£15

Lamb Rump with Mash, Honey Roasted Veg & Redcurrant Jus…£15
Sausages with Mashed Potato, Red Onion Gravy & Seasonal Veg…£13
Stuffed Breaded Chicken Breast with Stilton Sauce, Sautee Potatoes
& Greens...£15

Linguini of Wild Mushrooms with Truffle Sauce & Parmesan (v)…£13.50
Black Horse Burger with Hereford Hop Cheese, Smoked Bacon, Homemade Bun, French Fries...£13

Beer Battered Haddock & Hand Cut Chips with Crushed Peas &
Tartare Sauce...£13


 Rump Steak...£18 Sirloin Steak...£21

 Served with Hand Cut Chips, Dressed House Salad and Your Choice of Sauce: Garlic Butter, Stilton or Peppercorn

S U N D A Y   L U N C H

Pork Loin Roast with Apple Sauce
Beef Roast with Yorkshire
 – Both with Roasted Potatoes, Honey Roasted Carrots and Parsnip, Garlic infused Broccoli, creamy Cauliflower Cheese and Gravy…£13.50


Watercress & Parmesan Salad with Balsamic Dressing £4 ●
Buttered Vegetables £4 ● Fries £3 ● Hand Cut Chips £3 ● Garlic Bread £3 ●
Cheesy Garlic Bread £4 ● Olives £2.50 ● House salad £3 ● New Potatoes £3


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Omelettes & Sandwiches served with French Fries and Salad

Wild mushroom...£9
Cheese and bacon...£9
Smoked salmon...£9

Club Sandwich...£9
Steak Sandwich...£9
Smoked salmon & Cream Cheese...£9
Brie, Grapes & Red Onion Cheddar & Homemade Onion Chutney...£7,50

Gammon, Fried Eggs & Chips...£9

Build Your Salad

Start with a House Salad Base and add your ingredients...£5

Bacon (£1) ● Mushrooms (£0,50) ● Hop Cheese (£1,50) ● Smoked Salmon (£1,50) ● Plain Chicken (£2) ● Brie (£1,50) ● Grapes (£0,50) ● Boiled Eggs (£1)

Please be advised that food prepared here may contain these ingredients: milk, eggs, wheat, soya, peanut, fish, shellfish, celery, mustard, cereals, sulphur dioxide, sesame seeds

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